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    Helliconia - remarkable trilogy that should be celebrated; a remarkable writer.
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    Welcome, @hrafnwasser!
    I have looked Helliconia up (by the way, the complete trilogy is only $ 12.95 for those interested)
    According to the reviews, it seems to be a very polarizing work. There are comments regarding its scope, concept, and structure, which reminds me rightly or wrongly of The Last Legend of Earth by A A Attanasio.

    Why is it in your opinion that Helliconia is such a great story? I love buying books, so I’m not hard to sell…
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    How to answer ? I'm not convinced the trilogy can be regarded a good story.
    It is rather the way Aldiss makes real a very different planetary structure and how that is then reflected in all levels of organisation in the system. The detail of the whole planetary ecology; biological, social and economic drives the reader to revel or luxuriate in the otherness the system.
    I would consider it, perhaps, a flawed masterpiece - but definitely a masterpiece.
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    Hi Boreas, it is because of his death I felt compelled to post in celebration of an extraordinary writer. I'll read the blog suggested.

    Thanks for the welcome here!
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