A book that takes place on the island ?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Tuu, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Tuu

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    Hi everyone,

    could you please recommmend me some good books whose story takes place on an island? :)
    (I'm interested in sci-fi, but it may be even fantasy)

    Thank you,
  2. Elvira

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    Welcome @Tuu,

    The only one I have read taking place on an island is The Skinner by N Asher. Great book! There is a thread dedicated to TS but mind the spoilers:


    Then there is this thread by Paul:


    And finally, there is this other thread about Underwater SF. Although this one focuses more on the "under", you might find something you like amongst these aquatic books:

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  3. Boreas

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    Definitely Neal Asher's Spatterjay books of which The Skinner is the first, as Elvira has said. The story takes place either on ships or various islands on the planet.

    China Mieville's The Scar would be a good one. The setting is an artificial island, a vast rookery of ships closely interconnected and transformed into a city that floats and travels.

    Are you only looking for traditional definitions of the island setting? For non-traditional settings, I'd recommend Stephen Baxter's Raft, which is a side-story to his vast Xeelee sequence future history, and takes place in an alternate universe where the force of gravity is many millions (or billions, can't remember) of times stronger than in our own. Strong enough for gases to coalesce in hard vacuum and form breathable atmospheres, and strong enough for human beings to generate measurable gravity fields. This is basically an island type of story.

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