A book that takes place on the island ?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Tuu, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Tuu

    Tuu New Member

    Hi everyone,

    could you please recommmend me some good books whose story takes place on an island? :)
    (I'm interested in sci-fi, but it may be even fantasy)

    Thank you,
  2. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome @Tuu,

    The only one I have read taking place on an island is The Skinner by N Asher. Great book! There is a thread dedicated to TS but mind the spoilers:


    Then there is this thread by Paul:


    And finally, there is this other thread about Underwater SF. Although this one focuses more on the "under", you might find something you like amongst these aquatic books:

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  3. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    Definitely Neal Asher's Spatterjay books of which The Skinner is the first, as Elvira has said. The story takes place either on ships or various islands on the planet.

    China Mieville's The Scar would be a good one. The setting is an artificial island, a vast rookery of ships closely interconnected and transformed into a city that floats and travels.

    Are you only looking for traditional definitions of the island setting? For non-traditional settings, I'd recommend Stephen Baxter's Raft, which is a side-story to his vast Xeelee sequence future history, and takes place in an alternate universe where the force of gravity is many millions (or billions, can't remember) of times stronger than in our own. Strong enough for gases to coalesce in hard vacuum and form breathable atmospheres, and strong enough for human beings to generate measurable gravity fields. This is basically an island type of story.
  4. Dtyler99

    Dtyler99 Well-Known Member

    The Gradual by Christopher Priest takes place in Priest's beloved Dream Archipelago world where traveling between islands adds or takes away time. Brilliant book.
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  5. Safari Bob

    Safari Bob Well-Known Member

    My favorite is The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. I also would recommend The Island of the Day before by Umberto Eco and the classic The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells.
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  6. Dtyler99

    Dtyler99 Well-Known Member

    OMFG! How could I forget Gene Wolfe's, "The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories and Other Stories." Even though it's a short story collection, there are three interrelated stories, all kind of fantasy/magical realism as only Wolfe can write. "The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories," "The Doctor of Death Island," and "The Death of Dr. Island." See if you can pick up the 1983 Zeising chapbook, The Wolfe Archipelago that collects all three plus adds "The Death of the Island Doctor." Otherwise, there is a 1980 mass market edition that has a number of other pieces of Wolfe's short fiction -- and Wolfe is one of the uncontested masters of short fiction. Included in the collection are "Seven American Nights" and "The Eyelash Miracles," both nominated for a Nebula.
  7. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    I remember recommending that collection to @Diziet Sma as a potentially good starting point into Wolfe's oeuvre! Wonderful collection!
  8. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    Indeed you did! and I have already bought The Fith Head of Cerberus, Shadow & Claw and Soldier Mist.
    Have I mentioned I might suffer from a "compulsive buying disorder" of books (also shoes and handbags) At least, it is in that order…!
  9. TomTB

    TomTB Administrator Staff Member

    Ditto. 500+ now sat in my kindle. I justify this to myself by the fact I bought pretty much all of them at significantly reduced prices. I refuse to admit there's a strong possibility I won't ever read a high proportion of them!
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  10. Dtyler99

    Dtyler99 Well-Known Member

    You're marvelous, Diziet. Priorities firmly in the right place... :D
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  11. kenubrion

    kenubrion Well-Known Member

    An indie series that is pretty good is Michael Stark's The Island (Fallen Earth) series. I read the first four of seven books and thought it was quite good. That was five years ago and I did search for a while to see if he wrote more and then lost track of him. Now he has seven books in the series and I will gladly get back into it. So thanks to Tuu for this thread. I wouldn't know of the three additional books if you hadn't gotten me to search island books. The price is right!


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