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    After all i could dig out a short work in english i wrote twelve years ago, when GW launched the Medusa V campaign for Warhammer 40.000.

    13th Arcadian light rifles regiment's log 998M41 Authorized: Colonel Brenno Maghenzani

    Location: Planet Arcadia, Segmentum Solar
    After losing 88% of our fighting force against the Leviathan splinter we spent nearly three years here, at home, refitting the regiment. Many of the veteran troopers died in the battles, and many more were allowed to return at civilian life, its a rare occurence for a guard to see home again.
    We had to find new recruits, train them, but at last the regiment is back to combat readiness. The personnel more experienced in tyranid hunting was grouped in the 7th company, but i wish we could see those abhominations no more. The few veterans left were reorganized in eight independent teams that will be attached to company battlegroups with specific missions.
    We just wait to receive notice of our new assignment from the Munitorium.

    Location: Planet Arcadia, Segmentum Solar
    New orders received, after completion of the last trainings and combat simulations the regiment will be moved to Segmentum Pacificum to take part in the crusade against the Blood pact heathens.
    The transport ship St.Augustine was assigned for the duty and reinforcements were sent from Holy Terra. Mech Company 93 of the Adepta Sororitas Order of the Ebon Chalice and a field hospital of the Adepta Sororitas Order of the Torch were attached to the regiment. 10 new Chimera IFVs complete with satellite commlinks were also received, i will assign them to the company battlegroups command sections.
    E.T.A. to Segmentum Pacificum : 3 holy terran months

    Location: Planet Arcadia, Segmentum Solar
    I was planning to complete the combat simulations in one month, but new orders suddenly came from the Munitorium.
    The regiment must immediately board the St.Augustine and set sail for Baal system, where we shall rendez-vous with Segmentum Ultima fleet's task force 696.
    Baal? it is very far from Segmentum Pacificum and Bloodpact, are those Munitorium bureaucrats misleading us?
    E.T.A. to Baal system : 6 holy terran weeks

    Location: Baal system, Segmentum Ultima
    Dire stories were told about the Blood Angels, but i must say they are exquisite guests. Troop morale high, well fed soldiers are happy soldiers.
    Task force 696 should be here in 48 holy terran hours.
    We don't have news about our assignment yet.
    Location: Baal system, Segmentum Ultima
    We could make contact with task force 696 one day later than scheduled.
    2 Dauntless class light cruisers
    6 Sword class frigates
    1 Seeder class colony ship
    When i first seen that enormous ship i thought " (deleted) they are gonna send us to colony garrison duty ! " , but the only passengers resulted to be some engineer teams, then finally we received our orders.
    Task force 696 must move immediately to the endangered Medusa V planet, where a large operation is taking course to evacuate the whole planetary population. Our Spring of Life colony ship and many others are assembling to move the population. The engineers ( teams A,B,C + regiment's own road engineers platoon, team D ) will build an emergency spaceport and a base camp to help the operations. Once in system we will report to Colonel Jacka, commander of Imperator Aegis battlegroup.

    Before leaving Baal system i rearranged the sistemation of my forces, the most needed and battle ready units will form our first wave and ride on the St. Augustine.
    1st company (drop troops)
    5th company (2 inf plt. 1 mech plt. 1 armored plt.)
    8th company (urban\hive ops )
    Sororitas company 93, Order of the Ebon Chalice
    One third of the RGT artillery train (6 Basilisks)
    Engineer teams A,B,C,D
    Sororitas field hospital, Order of the Torch

    The rest of the troops have been moved to the Spring of Life, they are going to complete their battle training after all.
    E.T.A. to Medusa V : 3 holy terran weeks

    Location: Caput Draconis astral gate, Baal sector, Segmentum Ultima
    Baal sector lies at the galactic north of the galaxy core, Medusa system lies at the galactic south, on the other side. The choice of Baal as a staging point for the unassigned regiments scrambled to Medusa might seem strange, being so far. This is made possible by two astral gates of uncertain origin, they could have been created in the dark age of technology, or by some alien race older than man. Whoever they were, they exploited the mass of the galactic core itself to curve the space at an impossible scale and join two black holes at the northern and southern sides of the galaxy through the biggest "wormhole" ever seen. The same arcane lost technology allowed them to stabilize the two black holes, so that starships can navigate through them without being torn apart by their angular gravitational pulls. Task force 696 will enter the Caput Draconis astral gate (Baal sector) and exit from the Cauda Draconis astral gate (Kar Duniash sector) 23 holy terran hours after. Caput and Cauda Draconis astral gates are the most important asset for Imperium's strategic mobility in the Ultima Segmentum.
    E.T.A. to Medusa V : 18 holy terran days.

    Location: Medusa system
    On the way to Medusa i was convinced this would be an easy one, peacekeeping duty, help evacuating some hive, then back home. I was also convinced my Arcadians were ready to cope with every possible situation and terrain. The briefing by Commander-Colonel Jacka showed how i was wrong.
    Medusa is going to be the biggest mess ever seen in the regiment's history.
    We were detached from Imperator Aegis main body and sent to Articus zone: a desert of ice and snow with three hives to cover! Where are the Valhallans when they are needed? I questioned the Commander-Colonel about arctic equipment, my troops don't have any thermosuits. He could procure barely enough thermosuits for the first wave’s three companies, and told we should find more in the Medusa PDF depots at Amphion and Zethus hives.
    The Spring of Life techpriests crew supplied us another hundred suits and said they could produce no more than twenty of them per day, given the needed materials.... we definitely need to get our hands over those PDF depots. We must land in the Articus zone, build a provisory spaceport for the (hopefully) incoming regiments, have them supplied with the thermosuits. This is going to cost us time, just the one thing Medusa V has in less abundance.

    Location: Geosynchronic orbit over Articus zone, Medusa V
    The Spring of Life colony ship will make a perfect orbital command station for the first stages, before it gets overcrowded with refugees. The operational scale and need to cohordinate the actions of many regiments requires this upper echelon command with horbital scanning devices, powerful communication systems and a mainframe cogitator unit. On the other hand for the first time i won’t lead my Arcadians from the front line. Am i becoming old?
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    Imperator Aegis battlegroup, Battlezone Articus command's log
    Authorized: Colonel Brenno Maghenzani

    Day 1 + 8 hours
    As the Spring of Life and St.Augustine were deploying in geosync orbit our escort frigates spotted and killed a Tyranid scout bioship, a very bad omen for a start. Tried to contact the Hives in our assigned zone:
    Alecto hive reports all calm, minor rioting, nothing the local Arbites could not manage. Amphion hive is besieged by the Tyranids, the nightmare beasts are haunting us again, the good news are that the blessed Astartes are there, keeping Amphion external defences. Hive Zethus suspiciously silent, no answers from it yet. Orbital scans confirm huge Tyranid swarms in the Amphion area, all apparently normal in the Alecto area. Around Zethus hive no signs of life or movement, but a military airbase was located near Zethus that would make a perfect starting point for our base camp, 1500 meters from Zethus main entrance over the Zethus-Amphion roadway. Tried to contact Zethus airbase, no answer.

    Day 1 + 16 hours
    Meeting with the officers in the St.Augustine: the situation was far worst than expected.
    The original plan was to land the troops at Deimos spaceport, then move them to Amphion hive by railtube and find all the thermosuits needed. Actually the railtube was blown to prevent a Tyranid infiltration towards Megera hive, and anyway Amphion is cut off from the rest of Articus zone.
    Dropping the engineers at Alecto hive and building there an emergency landing strip for the heavy shuttles would be the safest choice, if we had time. Zethus with its PDF airbase would be perfect, it is in a central position, light shuttles could already land at the airbase, and engineers in 48 hours could enlarge the main landing strip enough to make it fit for the heavy shuttles. Light shuttles alone can bring down the infantry, but not the tanks.
    The main question was: why Zethus is not responding to our calls? Was it overwhelmed by Tyranids before a call for help could be sent? Or by some other enemy? Could we take the risk of dropping troops in enemy held territory?
    The first drop company commander, captain Catenacci, insisted that we must take the risk and investigate what happened at Zethus hive. At last all staff officers and company commanders agreed and orders were hastily issued: operation Landfall will start at day 2 + 0.00 , Zethus airbase is the objective.

    Day 2 + 0.00
    The six escort frigates of Task Force 696 seem the opening petals of a flower as they take place at the perimeter of a safe corridor for our shuttles.
    Here starts operation Landfall:
    To deploy first drop company from orbit, take control of Zethus airbase and land the egineer teams - 12 hours
    To deploy infantry of 5th and 8th companies with light shuttles and prepare the main landing strip for heavy shuttles - 48 hours
    To deploy the tanks, sororitas company and sororitas field hospital - 12 hours

    For these critical first three days sentinels will be the only support vehicles for our troops.
    Alecto hive reports their last communication with Zethus was 3 weeks ago: Zethus hive sent notice of some kind of epidemic outbreak and of a possible quarantine.

    Day 2 + 7.00 hours
    Radio contact with Captain Catenacci and his company was lost in the same moment they touched ground. It was a night drop to avoid detection, we are waiting to have enough light on the surface to perform a visual scan from orbit and see what happened to them.

    Day 2 + 9.00 hours
    Weird, orbital scan revealed that the drop company men are alive and already in possess of the airbase, but even with the control tower's communication gear they can't contact us. The Spring of Life's techpriests crew are talking excitedly of some unknown kind of broadband communications jammer. They are also filling a spare shuttle with every kind of communication devices in the hope of establishing a radio-bridge between us and the troops at ground.

    Day 2 + 10.00 hours
    The comm-shuttle worked fine, flying over the airbase vertical, with a 20 minutes autonomy, it could open a radio-bridge to the control tower, and the first report was finally received.
    13th Arcadian first company made safely the night landing, regrouped and advanced towards the air base. The only resistance they met were the automated sentry turrets at the airbase perimeter, they did'nt know the deactivation code, but lascannons deactivated them for good. The airbase was desert, but in perfect order, no signs of fighting, the eight armored hangars were all sealed, their doors had to be blown with explosives.
    Inside were found:
    12 atmospheric fighters, fully functional
    Heavy maintenance machinaries, they will be very useful to the engineers
    40 thermosuits
    Engineer teams A,B,C,D are already on their way.
    The fuel silo (dangerously unarmored) was found half full.
    This means we can send down the light shuttles in a dead glide with more cargo instead of their fuel.
    They will land at the service landing strip and be unloaded, refueled and sent back .

    Day 3 + 22 hours
    At the last orbital scan the basecamp looked like an anthill, troopers and engineers working on 10 hours shifts under a dense snowing to dig trenches and make space for heavy shuttles landing.
    We are beating some records here, 5th company infantry already joined first company in the defense perimeter. First company reported two men vanished from an advanced observation post, no traces, no enemy activity spotted yet. Three spare fuel bays for light shuttles were found in the hangars at the basecamp, promptly Spring of life techpriests removed the modular fuel bays from three shuttles onboard, freeing enough space to send down two disassembled Basilisk SP-Howitzers. At ground the shuttles were unloaded and fitted with the spare bays already filled with fuel, taking off only 3 hours after. All this work is made at the cost of a great strain for the men, my biggest concern are the shuttle pilots, i seen one getting ready for the next drop, his pupils widened by caffeine. I asked him were his substitute was, he could'nt pilot a gliding shuttle, without the fuel to correct any error, in these conditions. His answer was: " I AM the substitute, Sir ! ".
    I ordered the techpriests to switch back to the normal cargo\fuel ratio for the shuttles, anyway the fuel silo at ground base is almost empty now.

    Day 4 + 18 hours
    The work on the main landing strip is done and they are unloading the heavy stuff now, in the meantime engineers are opening a new landing patch for the light shuttles, then the service landing strip at the airbase will be upgraded for the heavy cargo too. The airbase must grow quickly if we want to handle the flux of incoming reinforcements. The Vanheim expeditionary force already joined us in space:
    1 colony ship
    3 Firestorm escort frigates
    1 Lunar class cruiser
    1 Dictator class cruiser
    3 Transports carrying 2 infantry regiments and one armored (cityfight veterans division).

    The 146th Vostroyan heavy infantry is en route to Medusa V, they will join our army corps in a few days.

    The 29th Necromundan came to Medusa before us, they report heavy fighting around Amphion hive and the presence of traitor troops and marines. Two weeks ago the Necromundans engaged and destroyed a large traitors column supposedly headed towards Zethus.

    This is a full army corps of Imperator Aegis Expedition Force operating in the Articus zone, it has been codenamed Lorica Fidei.
    Time to knock at Zethus gates and see what is going on.
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    Didn't get a chance to go through your story yet. I've also never read any W40K.
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    It was the trend back then.
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