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Clarke at 100: Collected Stories

April 28, 2017

Arthur C. Clarke was not actually the most prolific of short story writers. Yes, his Collected Stories is a big, fat volume containing over 100 pieces, but these are brought together from a career stretching over 60 years. They range from his first published story, “Travel By Wire”, which appeared in an amateur magazine in December 1937, […]


William Hjortsberg

April 26, 2017

The death has been announced of William Hjortsberg, the American writer, most of whose work occupied that indeterminate territory where the mainstream and the fantastic merge. As an indication of where his work lies in relation to the fantastic, he wrote a well-received biography of Richard Brautigan, Jubilee Hitchhiker. Brautigan, along with Tom McGuane and Jim Harrison, […]



April 20, 2017

Hey, Easter has come … and gone. That rather crept up on me. Anyway, I need to take a few days break, but here’s some stuff to keep you amused while I’m away from the blog. It’s a boom time for dystopias, or so the New York Times tells us in this article, which surveys […]


5 of the best: Keith Roberts

April 18, 2017

Not so long ago, we wrote a post about John Brunner. It was intended as the first in a series about writers who are drifting out of our awareness, writers who are perhaps not enjoying the eminence their work deserves. Having started with Brunner, it seemed natural to follow up with his close contemporary, Keith […]