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10 Essential SF Titles from the 1940s

September 9, 2016

And our ongoing history of the key sf works takes a step backwards to the 1940s. Two extraordinary events of 1939 had a profound effect on the science fiction of this decade. In the first instance, John W. Campbell became editor of Astounding. He didn’t just turn Astounding into the most important sf magazine of the period, […]


Best SF Novels of 2015, part 1

September 7, 2016

Part 1: What the Awards tell us Okay, awards season is finally coming towards its belated end. With the Hugos and Clarke Award in the last week or so, we’ve at least had all the major international prizes. So what do the awards tell us about the best science fiction of 2015? Surprisingly little, in […]


Dragon Award Winners announced

September 6, 2016

Good grief, they’ve only just announced their first set of winners and already Dragoncon’s awards have been christened the Vox Day awards. This is what the Hugos would look like if the Puppies had their say. For the record, these are the main sf awards: Best Novel: Somewhither: A Tale of the Unwithering Realm, John […]


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Indie Fantasy of the month

If you are looking for some of the best indie fantasy science fiction has to over, look no further than Ryk Brown's awesome Frontier Saga. At over 14 books long, this military science fiction adventure is gripping all the way through.

Fans of military space opera and against impossible odds science fiction (lots of ship to ship battles, unexpected new-captain manning the helm of spaceship, lost crew trying to get home, etc) will love this one.

SO if you love military science fiction or space opera, do check this out. It's one of my favorite science fiction series right now, indie or not.

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