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How to Build Your SF Reference Library: Modern Masters of Science Fiction

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There’s an academic term: monograph. Basically it means a study of one particular subject. Where that subject is a science fiction writer, we’ve been pretty poorly served up to now. There have been occasional biographies, though these have usually been restricted to the very best known authors and haven’t always been that good. And let’s face it, a writer’s job is to sit at a desk and write, which doesn’t always make for the most exciting biography. But if you want a critical study of your favourite writer, something that analyses their work, that puts it in context, that draws out what is quirky or particular or special about the work, then with very few exceptions you have had to scour through the academic journals like Science Fiction Studies or Extrapolation or Foundation for the occasional essay.

But now University of Illinois Press have put together a series of monographs under the overall title of Modern Masters of Science Fiction. Each one matches an expert with a leading science fiction writer (and not always the writers who have received the most critical attention). The books all follow the same basic pattern: the bulk of the book is made up of a critical overview of the author’s work that considers everything they have written and generally puts it in the context of their biography; in addition most of the books include an interview with the author, and a bibliography so you can check whether or not you are missing any of their books.

The series is still growing (hopefully in future it will include more writers whose names do not begin with B, and more women, both as contributors and as subjects), but this is a list of the books currently in the series. If you want to know more about the work of any particular author, this really is an invaluable series.

J. G. Ballard (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   Iain M. Banks (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   Gregory Benford (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   Alfred Bester (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   Ray Bradbury (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   John Brunner (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)

Lois McMaster Bujold (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   Octavia E. Butler (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   Greg Egan (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   William Gibson (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)   Frederik Pohl (Modern Masters of Science Fiction)

J.G. Ballard by D. Harlan Wilson

Iain M. Banks by Paul Kincaid

Gregory Benford by George Slusser

Alfred Bester by Jad Smith

Ray Bradbury by David Seed

John Brunner by Jad Smith

Lois McMaster Bujold by Edward James

Octavia E. Butler by Gerry Canavan

Greg Egan by Karen Burnham

William Gibson by Gary Westfahl

Frederik Pohl by Michael R. Page

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