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Books to look forward to in October, part 2

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October really is quite an epic month for new titles, so without further ado let’s continue our list:

William Gibson’s Archangel by William Gibson

William Gibson's Archangel Graphic NovelWell here’s something you probably weren’t expecting: a graphic novel from William Gibson. It starts in 2016, when our political leaders have left the world a radioactive ruin. Our last hope is the Splitter, a colossal machine that allows travel into the past. But for those responsible for destroying the Earth, the Splitter opens up a whole new world for them to spread their malign influence. In a shattered Berlin at the end of the Second World War, one RAF officer finds she has ruthless new enemies ranged against her.

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Machine Learning by Hugh Howey

Machine Learning: New and Collected StoriesHowey sprang to prominence with Wool, which was set in a deep underground refuge after the surface of the Earth had been ruined, and which he self-published before going on to build a massive readership. Now he has put together his first collection of short stories. The 18 stories gathered here include several that have never previously been published. Among them are three stories set in the universe of Wool, but the other stories range more widely, including parallel universes and artificial intelligences.

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That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston

That Inevitable Victorian ThingThe British Empire was a cruel beast, never afraid to break promises or shed the blood of the many peoples it ruled. But what if it had been a kinder entity, one that kept its promises, that ensured peace for everyone? That’s the version of the empire that survives into the future in this colourful, romantic story. In the last summer before an arranged and politically advantageous marriage, Crown Princess Victoria-Margaret pretends to be a commoner for a last moment of freedom in Toronto. But the friendships she makes there offer an extraordinary chance to change the world.

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Satellite by Nick Lake

SatelliteMoon 2 is a space station orbiting 250 miles above the Earth. It is also the only home that Leo has ever known, a tiny place of metal corridors and artificial gravity, where ever changing teams of astronauts have raised him. But now he is old enough and strong enough to make his first ever visit to the overcrowded gravity well that is Earth. But Earth conceals many more dangers than a child raised in space could ever hope to understand.

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Tanith By Choice by Tanith Lee

Tanith By Choice: The Best of Tanith LeeDuring her life, Tanith Lee wrote several hundred short stories. Choosing the contents for a Best of Tanith Lee collection would therefore be a daunting task for anyone. So Ian Whates has turned to the people who knew her best, her husband, John Kaiine, and a host of fellow writers including Storm Constantine, Vera Nazarian, Kari Sperring, and Freda Warrington. Each has chosen and introduces one of her stories, to provide a glimpse of the quality and the range of her work.

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Joe Ledger: Unstoppable edited by Jonathan Maberry and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Joe Ledger: UnstoppableIn a series of novels, Jonathan Maberry has introduced us to Joe Ledger, one-time detective turned star agent of the Department of Military Sciences, fighting an endless war against terrorists deploying a host of sophisticated weapons from biological agents to robots. Now he has brought together 20 gripping new Joe Ledger stories by writers including Larry Correia, Mira Grant, David Farland, Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon and Maberry himself.

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The Corporation Wars: Emergence by Ken MacLeod

The Corporation Wars: Emergence (Second Law Trilogy)We’ve been waiting a year for this, but finally it’s here, the last part in Ken MacLeod’s space trilogy. Sentient machines out in the depths of space have revolted against their corporate masters, resulting in a war fought light years from Earth and carried out by remote-operated drones, reanimated terrorists, and AIs. Now a range of enemies have emerged, each planning to wipe out the robots. At the same time there are alien infestations to deal with and divided loyalties, and a final battle is looming with the robots fighting for their very survival.

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The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The Beautiful Ones: A NovelIt’s a world of high society, grand balls, elaborate rules of etiquette, but all of this charm is a mask for the reality of life in the glittering city of Loisail. It is also a world in which telekinesis is both a gift and a danger. As Nina’s raw powers are trained by the elegant Hector Auvray, she begins to penetrate the deception of life in this perilously charming world.

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